Infographic: The Case For And Against Intervening In Syria

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Students Can’t Believe They’re Actually Sitting In Class With Denison University Starting Quarterback Luke Pavlatos
GRANVILLE, OH—In what many described as “pretty incredible,” students at Denison University expressed disbelief Friday after realizing they were actually sitting in the same English 225 class as none other than the school’s starting quarterback, Luke Pavlatos. “Holy shit, Pav is here,” said sophomore Jared Stasio, who admitted it was difficult to fathom that he was sitting just two seats away from the very quarterback who commands Big Red at Piper Field. “Oh my God, number 8. He’s taking a class just like us. I can’t believe that they even make him go to class. I mean you hear his name all the time and I guess you forget he’s still a regular student like everybody else. I just hope I don’t say anything stupid in front of him.” At press time, the students confirmed that despite being the “King of Denison,” Pavlatos was “so down to earth.”

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Be nice to throw Kathryn Bigelow a bone Chance for Obama to put an exclamation point on an already great year It’s been a while since we did one of these things AGAINST: Someone might be hurt, or even die Could turn Russia and Iran against U.S. History Fear of setting a precedent of military action without U.N. approval Slight, almost infinitesimal chance intervention might be a completely ineffectual act that even further destabilizes the region, touching off massive anti-American sentiment while allowing jihadist radicals to take power Painful memories of intervening in Rwandan genocide It’s hard Bashar al-Assad just had a baby. A baby! Bush invaded a foreign country.
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Truck Fire On Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge

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A very ‘normal’ truck fire on the Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge sparks some unsettled memories for New Yorkers. Pictures from TPM Reader CS after the jump …
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Maybe Everybody Should Not Learn to Code

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Her girliness is annoying—calling Declan’s lab “filthy” was sure to make him reference his mom—but she also happened to be right. The man had no standards. She brings him a method of cooking incredibly pure product, and instead of following protocol, he’s content to turn out mediocre meth because that’s all he needs to please the scabby Arizona tweakers who are his bread-and-butter. Off with his head! I confess I don’t quite understand the economic benefit of producing primo meth.
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It seems that many computer science instructors—whether in person or in a self-guided online class—are failing to teach people to recognize what they don’t know. And if you don’t know what you don’t know, credentials are pretty easy to come by. I’m not going to pretend that you need to be a genius to do useful things with a computer. It is possible to build a website solely from a facile use of Rails syntax.
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The Warmth of Andalusia

Summer The workshop will take place in Karen’s gorgeous 1500-square foot daylight studio in Brooklyn. I hope you’ll come. Karen’s space is a stunning one to experience for any aspired food stylist and photographer.
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But oh so happy after the incredible past ten days I’ve spent with Marta and our group gathered at El Esparragal in Andalusia. As a few students exclaimed when our small bus pulled in front of the main house, the photos on their website are far from doing justice to the beauty and warmth of the place! We are lucky! What an incredible experience we’ve had!
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Chrysler Profit For Q2 Up 16% to $507 Million, Full Year Forecast Reduced

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Chrysler Group reported net income of $507 million in the second quarter, with strong sales of SUVs and pickup trucks helping the car company make a profit for the eighth consecutive quarter. Earnings were up 16% from the same period a year earlier when $436 million was made. However, the company reduced its projected full year profit. Second-quarter revenues grew 7 percent to $18 billion, up from $16.8 billion in 2012. U.S. sales were up almost 10%, bettering the industry average of  8 percent, to 479,980. All the company’s brands but Chrysler had improved sales. “I think the (U.S.) market is holding up well and Chrysler is holding up well in that market,” CEO Sergio Marchionne told analysts Tueday morning. Sales will be reported on Thursday and Chrysler is expected to post its 40th straight month of year to year sales gains. The company lowered forecast of net income for the full year from $2.2 billion to somewhere between $1.7 and $2.2 billion. Modified operating profit projections were also lowered from $3.8 billion to between $3.3 and $3.8 billion. A charge of $151 million to cover the voluntary recall of Jeep models to settle a dispute over rear end collision safety with the U.S. National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration.
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