What’s Cooking This Weekend? — Weekend Of September 21-22, 2013

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We’re talking easy desserts next week on The Kitchn, so a mysterious aroma of chocolate has settled over my kitchen and I’m prepping a few good treats to share. What about you? Are you baking your first batch of fall cookies? Or roasting the inaugural pan of Brussels sprouts? Tell us what’s cooking in your kitchen this weekend!
For full version, visit http://thekitchn.com.feedsportal.com/c/35093/f/648580/s/317fb1a3/sc/26/l/0L0Sthekitchn0N0Cwhats0Ecooking0Ethis0Eweekend0Eweekend0Eof0Eseptember0E21220E20A130E1950A910Dutm0Isource0FRSS0Gutm0Imedium0Ffeed0Gutm0Icampaign0FCategory0J2FChannel0J3A0KMain/story01.htm

Mozzacado Sandwich
I cannot take my eyes off this mozzacado sandwich. Doesn’t it seem like the perfect late-summer meal? I also have my eye on those fudge and walnut cookies for dessert. This week we have all kinds of recipes to carry you into the weekend — and get you ready for next week! From a silky kabocha squash soup and the perfect tuna salad to a cinnamon-topped cognac cocktail and bakery-fresh bread, there’s something here for everyone.

For full version, visit http://thekitchn.com.feedsportal.com/c/35093/f/648580/s/317f3e8e/sc/26/l/0L0Sthekitchn0N0Cmozzacado0Esandwich0Ehow0Eto0Emake0Ebaked0Etofu0Efudgy0Eoatmeal0Ecookies0Espicy0Etempeh0Equinoa0Esalad0Enew0Erecipes0Efrom0Ethe0Ekitchn0E1950A660Dutm0Isource0FRSS0Gutm0Imedium0Ffeed0Gutm0Icampaign0FCategory0J2FChannel0J3A0KMain/story01.htm


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